The West Village is by far one of New York City’s loveliest neighborhoods. However, the scenery isn’t the only thing you should focus on when exploring this neighborhood!

West Village has an array of the city’s hidden gems and well-known restaurants that you should definitely check out the next time you visit. Here’s a list of some of them:


This Australian cafe and coffee shop doesn’t just serve a mean espresso—but they also specialize in a brunch menu that’s worth waking up for!

The Middle Eastern take on avocado toast served with a poached egg and bacon is a game changer, but that isn’t the only powerhouse in their menu. The mushroom wraps and chicken sandwiches are also superb choices if you want a filling brunch.

Corner Bistro

Okay, spoiler warning, Corner Bistro isn’t a bistro. This Irish bar has been in the neighborhood since 1961 and has quite a reputation with the locals. Their simple burgers and fries are a classic that you should definitely try out alongside a pint of beer after a busy workday!

Cafe Panino Mucho Giusto

This cafe is where most locals come to hang out and enjoy a quick talk with their friends. Cafe Panino is a small sandwich shop with bubbly and friendly staff!

The chicken panini with tomato and avocado is a classic, however, they also serve amazing soups and breakfast pastries. You can also order beer and wine if you want to take bonding with your friends to the next level.

Mary’s Fish Camp

If fresh and delectable seafood is more of your type, Mary’s Fish Camp is the place for you! This spot serves hearty chowders, fish sandwiches with haystack fries, fish tacos, and even lobster rolls that are to die for.

The atmosphere is also incredibly welcoming, hedged with a number of potted herbs and flowers!

Jeju Noodle Bar

If you want to enjoy a taste of Korea in West Village, Jeju Noodle Bar should be your first stop. Jeju Noodle Bar serves a rich “so-ramyun,” a Korean noodle dish with a deep beefy broth made from veal bones and paired with pieces of brisket that you can dip in the broth for a burst of flavor! The side of pickled garlic, fried garlic, and garlic oil help elevate the dish and make it incredibly filling.

That’s it for our list. Satisfy your cravings today by visiting one of these West Village restaurants today!

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Author: Carol