New York’s nightlife is unmatched if you know the right places to go. After an entire year of having to get takeout drinks served from plastic cups, New York’s cocktail bars are finally back in full force!

Here are some of New York City’s finest cocktail bars for an amazing night out with your friends.


This rooftop bar at the Ritz-Carlton in Nomad overlooks New York City, giving you an awe-inspiring view while you get wasted on their amazing drinks!

With drinks like the Foggy Hill—made with vermouth, Cynar Aperol, mezcal, and an aromatic hint of orange-thyme, you can get tipsy without having to worry about the bitter flavor of alcohol. Nubeluz also serves high-quality caviar for those who aren’t afraid to spend to enjoy an amazing night out.

Bar Calico

If an American Southwest-themed bar is more of your style, Bar Calico will be right up your alley! This hotel bar located on the second floor of Flatiron’s Freehand is cozy and amazing for travelers who want to have a quick drink before they hit the hay.

Bar Calico serves the usual array of cocktail bar classics, but they also have cocktail mixes that revolve around their American Southwest theme!


From crystal clear ice, perfectly balanced cocktails, and amazing service—Martiny’s is Takuma Watanabe’s exquisitely cozy cocktail bar. If you want to maximize your happiness when you visit this spot, get one of their signature Martinis!

Not a fan of Martinis? No worries, Watanabe also has a selection of rare Japanese whiskies that will definitely tickle your fancy.


If you want to hear amazing music on high-end audio equipment while also enjoying a sip of amazing cocktails and drinks, Eavesdrop is the perfect place for you. Eavesdrop’s goal is to combine the cozy atmosphere of a cocktail lounge, while also incorporating traits that you’d usually find at a listening bar!

El Pingüino

Who says you can’t go out to get a drink on your lazy day? El Pingüino is an amazing bar to go to if you want to lounge around on a lazy weekend while enjoying amazing food and drinks.

Get a shiso-infused Painkiller or a can of beer and enjoy it with a few plates of oysters or other seafood options to enjoy the most out of the place!

These bars are all available for dine-in or takeout orders, so make sure to give them a visit whenever you can. Did we miss any of your favorite bars? Tell us down below!

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Author: Carol