In a place bustling with crowds, where even their local restaurants are filled with customers all the time, a private, serene space is important for people looking to host meetings or entertain clients.

This video will look at 5 of the better dining rooms in NYC.

1. M. Wells

Inspired by Montreal restaurants, this steakhouse in Long Island City is well-known not only for its great steaks but also its great selections of rare types of meat like shark, organs, and nutria. This semiaquatic rodent can be found throughout America.

If you’re looking to impress the guests you’ll bring over, this might just be the spot.

2. El Quijote

If you’re into Spanish, El Quijote is the perfect restaurant. They recently relaunched in Hotel Chelsea, where they have a couple of private rooms.

The semi-private wine rooms can accommodate up to 10 guests, but if you plan on booking the entire restaurant, you can fit up to 70 people and 150 for the ballroom space.

3. Cafe China

Don’t let the stereotypes of dim sum restaurants fool you into thinking that Cafe China has the same atmosphere as most of them.

This cafe has five rooms that can cater to 12 to 50 diners at a time, serving dumplings, tofu, cumin, lamb, and many more delicacies. You can rent it out as a private space.

4. Pig and Khao

Pig and Khao is not only a great restaurant that can accommodate private parties but also one of the better Southeast Asian restaurants in NYC.

Their Hainanese Duck and Isaan Steak are must-tries.

5. Keen’s Steakhouse

Last but definitely not least on this list is Keen’s Steakhouse. For private events, they have different themed rooms that cater to customers’ specific needs.

Their Bullmoose Room, a nod to President Theodore Roosevelt, is perfect for executive dinners. While their lamb’s room is better for larger events as it can cater to up to 80 guests.

Which of these places are you considering for your next lunch meeting? Is there someplace you’d like to add? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section – we’d love to hear them!

Author: Carol