The time of the internet is now. More than half of the world’s population has access to the internet, including social media platforms.

Businesses have found themselves transitioning to social media as a way to catch up to the times, and real estate is no exception.

For this video, we’ll be taking a look at five social media platforms you should consider when dealing with real estate.

1. Facebook

Facebook is arguably the best social media platform to do business in for any niche, including real estate. Not only is it the social media platform with the most active users in the world, but they’re also optimizing its platform for commerce through functions like Facebook Advertising, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Groups, and even Facebook Neighborhoods.

2. Instagram

With Instagram still being owned by Facebook, or Meta, it’s no surprise that it would be second on this list. Instagram may seem a bit different in how it operates, and it’s mostly a photograph-based system, but it still has the same level of support and optimization as Facebook.

When you’re marketing on Instagram, you’re essentially covering another set audience that Facebook may not cater to while still having the same convenient business-friendly set-up. Instagram reels, stories, and lives still operate similarly.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the Social Media platform for professionals, and it definitely lives up to that name. LinkedIn is perfect for building connections and relationships with business owners and investors, and the same formula can be used to replicate in the Real Estate industry.

4. Twitter

Conversations are key on Twitter. Quick replies, an optimized search engine, and an easy way to engage in relevant conversations. Twitter may not be your main Social Media platform for Real Estate, but it can definitely be supplemental.

Just make sure to utilize keywords so you can make the most of your time and effort in engaging conversations.

5. YouTube

Believe it or not, YouTube also has its fair share of real estate people on its platform. YouTube is a platform fine-tuned for videos, which you can use to turn your Real Estate business around. People also want to see something concrete and more interactive when it comes to anything, and a video can definitely do that better than just an image and several captions.

When done right, your YouTube platform can also be used to monetize your videos, and you can establish a foundation for your reputation too!

Which of these platforms are you considering using? Are there other platforms you’d like to suggest? Feel free to let us and other viewers know by commenting down below.

Author: Carol