Vegas isn’t the first place you think of if you’re just looking for food, but if you’re in town for a couple of days, they have an amazing selection that can more than satisfy you.

In this video, we’ll take a look at five steak places in Vegas you definitely have to try.

1. SW Steakhouse

First on this list is an underrated steak house located in Wynn, Las Vegas. With minimalist dining, an outdoor patio, and a place to eat overlooking the three-acre Lake of Dreams, SW Steakhouse provides you with a feast for your eyes and stomach.

Their Kobe beef is a staple, but their Sanuki, or beef from cattle fed exclusively with olives, is their must-try.

2. Stripsteak

Stripsteak by Michael Mina is a steakhouse that borders between casual and fancy dining. They’re a place where a lot of Raider fans usually head to eat after or before the game, so they serve a lot of people, but they also welcome big-time spenders from the casinos nearby, so their menu is definitely an assortment.

3. Harlo

For a slightly different menu than the rest on this list, Harlo actually takes pride more in their selection of dishes, not just their steaks. From their fresh tartare to their amazing pasta, the complementary dishes can definitely elevate your dining experience.

4. Jean Georges Steakhouse

Named after the man himself, Jean Georges Steakhouse is another restaurant with a unique assortment of dishes you’d have to try out.

Save for their solid fine cuts of Kobe, Angus, and F1 Wagyu beef, their breaded Milanes swordfish and roaming Japanese whiskey cart add to the whole dining experience.

However, how they cook their beef sets them apart, which involves grilling them over apricot wood and mesquite.

5. Demonico Steakhouse

Last but definitely not least is a steakhouse that is practically an institution already in the area. With the quality that comes from Demonico’s, it’s no surprise they’ve flourished for over 20 years.

Their prime cuts are sourced from Creekstone Farms, which are then dry-aged-in-house, ensuring that their quality is controlled as much as they can. Speaking of sourcing, they also have a selection of more than 700 spirits worldwide.

What do you think? Are there other steakhouses in Vegas you’d like to suggest? Feel free to let us know by commenting down below.

Author: Carol