Artificial intelligence has always been something that newer generations have been obsessed with. Over the years, people have innovated much more advanced AI that we could never have imagined existing decades ago. With technological hardware getting more advanced, it’s no surprise that developers must also get on with the times.


Chat GPT, like all other programs, must run on a coding system. This allows the existence of coding programs like Github Copilot to work persistently using the Codex engine. Many people use GitHub Copilot (as well as another engine called OpenAI) daily for all their coding needs.


Now think about it: you already have an open-source coding engine to write code. Why not create a program to do everything else for you? This is where Chat GPT comes into play.


With the use of coding programs like OpenAI, you can fulfill the use of Chat GPT. But what makes Chat GPT so special compared to other programs is that it can respond in a human-like manner. You can enter whatever prompts you can think of, and the AI system will give you its response.


Besides being somewhat terrifying, this could also become an answer to so many things. The AI that we’re used to that responds with distinctly inorganic and emotionless responses.


With Chat GPT, we finally have a program that prompts AI systems to respond to you as humanly possible, which is very different from whatever Artificial Intelligence programs we’ve had before.


You can access Chat GPT through the website we mentioned earlier, called OpenAI. You can enter whatever prompt you think of. You can even ask it questions that you would normally look up on Google.


It is unique in comparison to just basic Google surfing. Its responses give you the direct answer but also elaborate with examples and such. You can even get it to translate prompts into code for another coding engine you use.


Chat GPT so interesting because it can explain functions to you. You can run your script on Chat GPT, and it will explain to you what went wrong as well as how you can fix it. It can even be used as a tester for your failed coding scripts.


So, do you think AI innovation is going in the right direction? Or do you think that it’s all a waste of time? Tell us all about it in the comments section down below!

Author: Carol