Similar to the Super Bowl, the NFL Draft is one of the biggest annual events for football in America.

It’s an opportunity for teams to pick out potential players that may help their roster, as well as role players that might be the last piece they need for a championship.

In this video, we’ll be listing down the biggest winners and losers in the NFL Draft.

LOSER: San Francisco 49ers

It’s clear and undeniable. If their biggest moves in the draft are trading for Trey Lance and Christian McCaffrey, as well as picking Ji’Ayir Brown for their first pick, their future is looking bleak.

To make things worse, they picked Jake Moody in the 2nd round, a kicker who isn’t even that great.

WINNER: Philadelphia Eagles

Philly is one of the most notable teams during the draft for good reason. Howie Roseman has made great pick after pick and the case remains the same this year. The Eagles took DT Jalen Carter 9th overall who has a high upside if everything goes well, and LB Nolan Smith 30th overall in the first round.

Trading for D’Andre Swift also helps their depth quite a lot.

LOSER: Cleveland Browns

With just a 3rd rounder as their top pick, the future doesn’t look that bright for the Cleveland Browns. Their decision to trade for Deshaun Watson has hindered their ability to pick players for the future.

This means that if the Watson trade doesn’t work out, mortgaging their future will haunt them for the next couple of years.

WINNER: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are big winners in this draft. They were able to add a talented offensive tackle, draft one of the better-blocking tights available, and also acquired upgrades in their defensive front with Keanu Benton and Nick Herbig.

LOSER: Washington Commanders

Their gamble picking a 6-foot-1 cornerback may bite them in the back, but that’s not what makes them a big loser. The fact that if they don’t make any trades, they’ll be heading into the season with Sam Howell as their starting QB because they refused to take a better look at the position is what makes them a big loser in this draft.


WINNER: Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are up there as one of the biggest winners in the 2023 NFL draft. Their decision to pick all defenders with their top 3 picks was great insurance to try and put themselves ahead of the Chiefs, and adding Myles Murphy as another pass rusher helps a lot too.

Overall, even if nothing pans out exactly the way it should for Cincinnati, their decision-making was great and they did more than expected

What do you think of this list? Are there other winners and losers in the draft? Let us know by commenting down below.

Author: Carol