Whether for business or simply trying to go viral, Instagram Reels has become quite a difficult beast to tame because of more people using it.

Nevertheless, here’s a simple guide on how to use Instagram Reels in 2023.

Encourage Interactions

There are different ways to interact through Instagram Reels, but there’s one thing for sure: Interacting in any way will help with engagements. You can encourage interaction by simply asking people to comment or to leave a like, or you can even use quiz stickers on reels and get people to tap them.

The more engagement you get, the more likely you’re going to sell your product or have someone avail your service. Or, if you’re just a creator, the more you’re likely to get followers or likes.


Although you probably already know about it, Instagram gives you two options for Instagram Reels. You can either record directly on the app or record then upload video footage from your camera’s gallery.

However, we suggest that you opt for the latter whenever you can. Uploading pre-recorded videos helps you ensure your content is better prepared, allows you to edit them with better software than what IG can offer, and is overall just better.

Use Music Whenever You Can

Using music whenever you can not only help make sure that your content isn’t bland, but it also helps make sure you increase your engagement points.

Trending music makes it easier for you as videos using them are more likely to be viewed, but it also ensures that there’s this sense of familiarity even if your content is new to them.

Embrace The Algorithm

With a lot of competition, understanding how the algorithm works will help put you on top. One of the most important things you have to understand is that the algorithm prefers original content. It has the ability to check if your video is a reupload, if it’s made with the wrong dimensions, uses low-resolution images, and other indicators of content not made to be uploaded for Instagram Reels.

If the algorithm can tell, then your videos are less likely to be viewed. Scheduling your content for recommended best times by IG also helps a lot.

Add Captions

Speaking of views, you’re more likely to have views if you actually add captions. Always make sure your captions are related to your content, and if possible, include emojis and hashtags. Tagging other accounts will also help the algorithm.

Have you started making Instagram Reels yet? If so, let us and your fellow viewers know about your experience by commenting below.

Author: Carol