Who doesn’t love Penny? Her raw charisma and outgoing energy ensure that every episode is fun and chaotic; let’s go back memory lane and look at the best of Penny’s bloopers!

Food Vs. Penny

Kaley Cuoco absolutely loved that all the food they had on set was real. The food was so good that it constantly stopped her in her tracks.
There have been loads of oopsies involving Penny and food. To cite just one example, peep this one clip when the chips were too good not to compliment! But Penny munching on food isn’t the only reason she has so many memorable bloopers.
Whether it be good food or a wine glass that just wouldn’t cooperate, it’s safe to say that Penny doesn’t mind when they have to re-shoot a scene when food is involved.

Times When Kaley Was Just Playing as… Herself?

One thing that both Penny and Kaley Cuoco have in common is that they both aren’t into the geeky stuff. Whether it be absolutely butchering comic references or not knowing what hand gesture to use when giving a Vulcan Salute— bloopers on Penny not knowing what’s happening when all things geek-culture are happening will always be a treat!

Wholesome (But Also Funny) Penny & Sheldon Moments

Something that fans will never get tired of is seeing the dynamic between Penny and Sheldon. When this dynamic duo is in the same scene, you best believe that it’s going to be memorable.
However, many people don’t know that Jim (who plays Sheldon) and Kaley are also incredibly close and goof around a ton on set. Sometimes, they can even mess up a take and burst into laughter by just looking at each other.

How ridiculous a scene would be could even take away their ability to act and say their lines!

No matter how many times both of them tried, a scene wouldn’t be complete without both of them having a quick laugh.

What Was I Going To Say Again?

Nobody is perfect, so an actor forgetting their line is something that just happens in the industry. However, Kaley had more than a few instances where she just couldn’t remember what she was supposed to say!

Breaking into song is one thing, but sometimes Kaley would just make words up when she’d forget what to say (and that just makes her character even more loveable).

That’s it for us! We’re sure that there are loads of other memorable Penny bloopers out there, but these are our favorites.

What Big Bang Theory moment still plays in your head? Don’t be afraid to tell us down below!


Author: Carol