People often overlook the fact that your mindset is probably going to be the biggest weakness you’ll ever face. You won’t even be aware of mind traps until you’re already waist-deep in.

Number 1: The Spotlight Effect

Simply put, it’s a phenomenon where people are too focused on how others perceive them. Whether it be your appearance, actions, or even your behavior in general. This would overall just add even more anxiety than what you’re already dealing with.

A lot of people undergo this and end up acting differently from what they truly want. It changes the way you think and act and that’s what’s making it a problem.

Number 2: The Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is the phenomenon where one anticipates an outcome after carefully observing a situation. It’s when you think option 2 might be the best to go for after seeing option 1 succeed for a while.
People believe that in times of circumstance and luck, investing in different options might give you a better outcome. This can be the case, but it’s not something that you should rely on if success is what you’re looking for.

Number 3: The Zeigarnik Effect

Remembering your unfinished tasks are generally a lot easier to remember the rest of the work that you actually completed. In theory, this effect can bring both a negative and positive effect on you.

Thinking up on all the work that you left unfinished can be taxing on your mental health. However, it can also be a good thing. There’s no feeling more satisfying than finally completing the work you’ve been dreading all week.

Number 4: The Contrast Effect

Have you ever assessed one thing with another thing without judging them individually? Well, that’s the contrast effect. Without truly assessing one’s value, you might end up with a rather lackluster result.

An example of this is when an item you ordered didn’t exactly reach the expectations you had. You can always compare a potato with a tomato, but what good is a potato if you’re trying to make salsa?

Number 5: The Paradox Of Choice

It doesn’t matter how many choices we get if we’re essentially getting the same product every time. It’s easy to choose one thing from another when there are statistics involved, even if one product is only 1% better.

It may seem that there are a lot of options that you get to choose from. Think about it this way: we do have options, but either way, you’re gonna be going for the one you feel happiest with.

What makes mind traps so dangerous is that anyone can befall them. Remember: being comfortable with yourself is the first step to succeeding.

Author: Carol