There are thousands of fantastic TV shows out there. Listing 7 of them as the greatest would be a challenge—much less choosing specific episodes. However, we’re taking on that challenge.

Here are 7 of the Greatest TV Episodes Ever.

7. Who Goes There – True Detective

When a TV show episode feels more like a film brewing for years instead of months, it’s no question why it belongs on the list of the greatest TV show episodes of all time. Who Goes There was all everyone was talking about after it aired on TV.

6. The Final Four – Survivor

do we get reality TV shows that pan out, but the final episode for the first season of Survivor deserves this spot. For the prize of $1 million, we see a lot of scheming, ruthless outmaneuvering, and of course, drama.

5. Middle Ground – The Wire

As the 11th episode of The Wire’s 3rd season, Middle Ground is arguably one of the best season-enders for the series. From Stringer and Avon strolling down memory lane to McNulty finding the way to a key piece in the puzzle, many things happen, and they all slowly come together.

4. Days Gone By – The Walking Dead

There was a time when all everyone did during school was talk about the latest Walking Dead episode. It was one of the most interesting TV shows, and if not for it being stretched out too much, it would have been one of the greatest of all time.

Days Gone By perfectly sets up the series with the striking imagery, thrill, and mysterious build-up.

3. The Rains of Castamere – Game of Thrones

The Rains of Castamere is one of the few perfect Game of Thrones episodes. It was a perfect set-up for the Red Wedding, as shocking, unforgettable, and heartbreaking as it was.

It was the perfect opportunity to let the fans know that Game of Thrones had its own different rules.

2. The Constant – Lost

Some people believe The Constant, episode 5 of Lost’s season 4, is the best tv episode of all time, and that’s not an understatement. It’s the key episode to understand what the series is about and a perfect mix of entertainment, mystery, and emotion.

1. Ozymandias – Breaking Bad

It’s only fitting that the best episode from arguably the best TV Show ever is reserved the number 1 spot. Ozymandias is a great melting pot of everything that has been cooking for Breaking Bad, with some of the greatest drama in television ever.


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Author: Carol