With Fortnite finding ways to keep the game fresh, a new large update drops at the turn of every season. For Chapter 4, Season 3, we welcome the jungle biome and the changes that come with it.
In this video, we’ll discuss the latest Fortnite update and everything you need to know about it to stay up-to-date with the game.

The New Items

Cloak Gauntlets, Flare Guns, and Shockwave Grenades are the headlines for the new items introduced in patch 25.10.
The Cloak Gauntlets, with unlimited charges, can be used to blend in seamlessly with the environment. The flare guns and shockwave grenades actually aren’t new but have been brought back from the vault.
The Flare Gun, which shoots flare to set enemy structures on fire and mark enemies, is quite a useful tool and can be found in floor loot and loot chests.
On the other hand,, the shockwave grenades are only available for Zero Build mode and can deal concussive damage while knocking enemies back.

The New Mythic

Mythics in Fortnite are a special rarity that usually comes from Boss drops and are upgraded versions of regular weapons or completely unique items.
For this season’s new Mythic, the Cloak Gauntlets’ mythical version will be available by defeating the Wildguard Relik, a new NPC boss. The Mythic version of the Cloak Gauntlet has a longer invisibility duration and shorter cooldown.

The Jungle Biome

The Jungle Biome, also known as the Rainforest biome, has taken over the map for this season. Although most of the favorite locations from the previous season are here to stay, significant changes have been made.
What’s pretty cool is that the Jungle Biome is actually a collaboration with the new Transformers movie, Transformers: Rise of the Beast. Rideable raptors, grind vines, and new plants are expected to arrive too.

The Battle Pass

Speaking of new arrivals, the Battle Pass for this season is pretty much complementary to the Transformers collab.
An Optimus Prime unlockable outfit leads the charge, and other cool unlockables like Lorenzo, Mariposa, Relik, , Trace, and Purradise Meowscles with assorted funky shirts.

The New Augments

For the latest season, there are three reality augments to look out for. One unvaulted and two entirely new reality augments. The SMG Extended Mag Reality Augment increases your mag size, the Mud Warrior Reality Augment helps you regenerate health and shield while in mud or covered in it, and the Tracker’s Armory Reality Augment provides you with a flare gun and shadow tracker.
What do you think of this new update? Which of them do you love so far? Leave a comment down below to let us know.


Author: Carol