Enjoying New York City during fall can come in many forms.

For couples looking to spend quality time together and enjoy the fall ambience of the city that never sleeps, we’ve listed five delightful dating ideas to inspire your next outing.

1. Evening Date at the Bronx Zoo

Starting off this list with something unique and exciting, yet peaceful and serene, is an evening date at the Bronx Zoo.

With over 5,000 glowing pumpkins, tons of local food trucks, and even more Instagrammable spots, the zoo is extending its operating hours until 10 p.m. for fall.

2. Ice Skating at Rockefeller Center

Yes, it’s commonplace to take someone on a date. Yes, it’s filled with plenty of people. But there’s a reason why.

Spending hours relaxing while ice skating, taking a break and enjoying a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, nothing can beat that classic romantic date. This is a safe choice unless you aren’t into places with a crowd.

3. Trying A New Restaurant

There is always an abundance of newly opened restaurants in New York City. Exploring new restaurants is a great way to enjoy your date.

New restaurants bring a breath of fresh air and excitement. More than that, it’s also a good opportunity to step out of your and your partner’s comfort zones and test out restaurants and dishes that may become your new favourites.

4. Watch a Movie

While it’s no question that New York has some of the best movie theatres, fall is a great time for movies. There’s no question that summer is when most of the big blockbusters hit, but quality movies usually ramp up during autumn as they gear towards the holidays.

There are also movie theatres that show classics of all genres. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, IFC Center, and Film Forum are some of the options to consider if you want to rewatch some good old’ classic flicks.

5. Go for a Hike

There aren’t many dating ideas that are as foolproof as going on a hike. Fall is the best season to go hiking. The air is perfect, the trees are beautiful, and the weather is just right. Enjoying a long walk before winter is also a plus.

There are plenty of hiking spots in New York, but places like Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge, and Silver Lake Trail are the common options.

Where will you take your partner on a date next? Which of these will you be considering? Comment down below to let us know!

Author: Carol