Hello all!


I know what I’m about to say may split the room down the middle, or may arouse antipathy and argument. And I’d like to disclose that the information about to give I would say has 90% accuracy if not 99%. I’m not going to speak much here  In terms of Chinese medicine, acupuncture, manipulation, herbs or needle protocol but rather the underlying root condition that creates every single imbalance, illness, disease, dysfunction in the body.


And please let me state for the record right here right now that if and when illness does strike. I am 100% in favor of the men and women who practice allopathic medicine for its critical and life-saving offerings. As I have professed my goal is not to treat fix or change anything but to bring awareness into the environment through the discomfort, and affected conditions.


For urgent immediate care. Always see a physician!


But the question remains is why do I get “sick” in the first place? And what does that even mean?


NYC Health TipsWell, being sick is a feeling of apathy, lassitude, indifference, intense malaise nausea, pain and the like. Illness is defined as an unhealthy condition. Disease is defined is incorrect physiological and/or organ function resulting from various external and pernicious influences. I.e. infection, poison, environment, toxins, And of course the big daddy of them all… STRESS! And just what the devil is that?


Well…. by definition stress is a load or a force of tension and resistance. And in the case of health, it’s that which interferes with “normal“ physiological function. But why on earth am I experiencing stress?

Well let’s dig a little deeper look at the reason.


I’m experiencing “stress” is simply because the world is not going my way, According to me,from my perspective, at that particular point in time.
That can be from a place of righteousness, or just downright pigishness!


Because what happens to me when I don’t get the raise I wanted, or the girl of my dreams, or achieve the right weight, or fit into the right pair of jeans?


I feel powerless, out of control, insignificant, insecure, all mitigated by FEAR.
I can probably trace back every instance of any imbalance back to fear.


Fear, creates defense physiology, which creates muscles to tighten, blood pressure to rise, respiratory and heart rate to quicken, temperature to soar, and IQ to be lowered.


Sounds to me like both a playground and breeding ground of restlessness irritability dis-contentedness, all leading to reduced organ and system function I.e. sickness.


Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes a cigar is a just a cigar….. Sometimes…


But even with a medical anomaly or a genetic predisposition to an underlying medical condition, or even a forced external traumatic event, I would venture to say dollars to donuts that the body was in some aggravated state of tension which could’ve prevented the condition in the first place, or at the very least alleviated it, or in the best place allowed the circumstance to propel me into more conscious and constructive choice.

I am more than open to exploring other ideas on this and would love to hear your opinion on this.


But the fact remains as I’ve stated before that Acupuncture and all its contemporaries we are all created to raise awareness and become adaptable.


The approach I have always provided with my patience and practice members was really never one of treating, but to provide containment or the environment to produce and manufacture the availability to “See” a little more clearer. Even if this is for only a moment. It’s not unlike a lightning bolt producing a profound and rapid permanent alteration for a shift in perspective. I cannot help but have experienced that once this “clarity” comes into consciousness, and the word Hope becomes a noun, A sense of serenity and peace and new ways of thinking can’t help but follow.


Yes Acupuncture, and its needle application, do you produce a euphoric Neurologic  chemical effect, releases endorphins, and removes inflammation. Which is very nice. Very safe, with no side effects. But it pales in comparison to the innate wisdom within the body once connection of the body mind and spirit has been established.


So the question remains… What’s my choice to be? Fear,control , judgment,doubt, disbelief, insecurity… Or love, creation, joy, trust, confidence, healthy decisions…


By the way there is no right answer to those questions. But rather one’s awareness to the possible truth that the question even exists.
Maybe I can help you to see that light switch. But you’re the one that’s got a flip it!


As always, your friend and Acupuncturist, Dr. Phil Trigiani

Dr Phil
Author: Dr Phil

Dr Philip Trigiani, or Dr Phil as we know him, is the master orthopedic acupuncturist behind Physical Medicine Acupuncture™, the pain management and soft tissue expert who serves busy New Yorkers whether resident, visitor or professional from his warm & inviting practices in the Upper West Side, aided by his caring and expert team. His alternative and complementary system of body-mind integration offers relief, self-discovery , self-correction, and self-healing that works every time. Dr Phil is constantly innovating in serving the health & wellness needs of the community, his team of expert massage therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors now being augmented with his new trusted partner network which extends his health and wellness therapies into yoga, fitness training, nutrition counseling and more.