Is digital marketing just another fancy word to bait companies into spending resources? Or is it the next big thing that companies have to adapt their marketing strategies into before they fall into irrelevance?


As the name implies, digital marketing is any type of marketing or advertisement done through digital channels or on the internet! Gone are the days when companies rely on billboards and newspaper pages to get marketing and public traction.


Now we have the free market in the form of the internet and other types of digital mediums! The importance of catering to your online audience is tremendous, considering that most people spend more time online than looking at newspapers and advertisements on cable televisions.


However, how do you successfully utilize digital marketing, and how do you grow your audience? Here are seven elements of digital marketing that you have to keep in mind if you want to succeed!


Online Digital Marketing


Online marketing is where most people would get started. This is the simplest form of digital marketing that you can get started in, and your choices are nearly unlimited! Here are some elements of online digital marketing that you should keep an eye on.


Being focused on your customers – Social media marketing


This applies to most businesses or individuals trying to grow their brand through social media marketing. When you’re trying to build your brand, get seen, and grow an audience, you have to focus on what your customers want and strategize accordingly.


It’s also important to know your demographic if you’re using online digital marketing, so keep it in mind.


Email Marketing


Although most people would view this type of marketing as spam, sometimes we get an email that is so good that we click on it and eventually hooked on the content the company that sent it provides.


Marketing through the use of emails is a distinctive element of digital marketing to put attention on if you want to update your audience regularly and engage with them.


Content Marketing


What do you think about when you hear content marketing? Do you think about blog posts? Videos? Articles on websites? The essence of content marketing isn’t just to provide a short spark of interest, and it’s about telling a story.


Keeping your viewers interested in the content you provide gives you long-lasting and loyal consumers. It allows you to attract more people than merely using flashy colorful images that only garner short term attention!


Offline Digital Marketing


The words “digital” and “offline” are complete opposites. So why create such an ambiguous phrase to name something that usually corresponds with attracting consumers through digital means? Well, that’s because it’s literally what it is.


Offline digital marketing is a term used for digital marketing that is used outside the internet. Don’t believe that it’s possible? Go ahead and read the elements down below then!


Enhanced Offline Marketing


These are elements of typically archaic forms of offline marketing that is enhanced or essentially revived by electronic devices! Things such as digital billboards that shine on busy streets or restaurants with tablets that you can order your food on.


This is important to keep in mind because having a balance of this and online marketing can increase your marketing efficiency by a landslide!


Radio Marketing


At first, you may think that radios have gone out of trend. With mobile phones and the internet being an excellent way to access entertainment and information, who uses a radio? A lot of people do!


Statistics say that radios still reach over 85% of the American population every week! Not to mention that radio and online radio podcasts still exist and have a large following all over the world. This is undoubtedly a digital marketing element that you shouldn’t turn a blind eye on.


TV Marketing


Although cable TV’s viewership has gone down, it is such a Goliath of an industry that it would probably take centuries before it goes completely obsolete. And because of that, TV marketing through commercials and show advertisement and sponsorship is still relevant up to this date!


If your business has money to spend, try using it on recording adverts and commercials! It’s exceptionally beneficial, especially because some shows on the TV make it through digital live streams.


Phone Marketing


Last but not least, we have phone marketing.


The smartphone industry is currently booming. With over 80-85% of people who use the internet owning at least one smartphone, not focusing on mobile marketing would be foolish! Mobile ads, telemarketing, and even just chain messages can go a long way if used properly to make sure to invest in the mobile marketing scene.


Are you maximizing all of these platforms? Learn how to use these to your advantage now to grow your business!

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