8 NYC Dessert Places you need to visit! Crazy food combinations and pastries are being shared worldwide and are being given a lot of traction in social media. With that, it’s almost impossible to go on Instagram or Facebook without suddenly getting hit by the munchies and craving for something sweet to get your energy up and tummy filled.


When you decide that it’s time to sate your cravings and finally tame your roaring stomach, the next thing to decide is where to go. However, if you’re in NYC, that choice isn’t too difficult considering that amazing desserts are everywhere.


8 NYC Dessert Places to Add in Your Bucket List


With that in mind, here are 8 dessert places that’ll make your taste buds explode with flavor!


New Territories


You were starting off the list with a reasonably well-known location for their fully customizable desserts that you can tinker with as much as you want and their pre-made one dessert as well! If you’re not feeling too adventurous and don’t want to custom make a dessert catered to your taste, you can always try their bubble waffle cones!

The dark and snowy bubble waffle cone is our favorite, and going to New Territories without getting one would be a waste! The Prince Edward waffle cone is also incredibly flavorful.


Dominique Ansel Bakery


You’ve probably heard of it before, but eating it is a different story. Don’t know what we’re talking about? We’re talking about the cronut!


This mix between a croissant and a donut keeps all the good qualities of both classic pastries while somehow making those qualities better! It’s soft and fluffy like a donut but is also flakey like a typical croissant. They also have different glazes available and even seasonal treats that change almost every month! If the cronut doesn’t have you hooked, they also have a milk and cookie shot! A cookie in the form of a shot glass with milk in it.


Holey Cream


You were itching for a donut but also craving for the creaminess that comes with ice cream? Worry not; you don’t have to choose one over the other if you go to Holey Cream! You can have that signature donut softness paired with the refreshing cold and creaminess from ice cream!


Their donut ice cream sandwich is a dessert that you never thought you needed until you try it out for yourself! You can fully customize the type of donut, icing, ice cream, and toppings as well.


Taiyaki NYC


Taking Japanese street food right here in New York, Taiyaki is best known for its ice cream with cones that look like cute fish! Their unicorn ice cream cone is best known for both the flavor and the aesthetic. It features vanilla and strawberry swirl sprinkles and a horn!

Taiyaki has both curbside takeout and delivery, so getting one is hassle-free!


M’O II Gelato


M’O is ice cream heaven. But if you want something sweet for lunch that can still get you through the day, you can have a custom filled panini with gelato. Your choice of gelato or sorbet between a sweet brioche bun is perfect for getting you going!


DŌ Cookie Dough Confections


Please don’t deny it, and we’ve all had cookie dough straight out of the spoon before. At DŌ, they have perfectly safe (salmonella free) gourmet cookie dough that you can customize to your liking! You can have it by the point or mix it with treats or other desserts as well!


Kith Treats


Ice cream for breakfast? Kith treats an ice cream store that’s chock-full of unique flavors and combinations. Feelings such as cereal ice cream and the “bam bam” are a mix of classic cereals and chocolate snacks!




Although it’s a restaurant specializing in delicious Spanish cuisine, they’re hiding some incredible dessert options on their menu! One of them, in particular, is something that you should try out if you want to try something new.


Their churro game is strong with churro ice cream sandwiches and stuffed churros, but churro s’ mores takes it to a whole other level! It has smooth mouth-watering melted chocolate, and toasted marshmallows squeezed in between two churro cookies to create the perfect dessert after a heavy meal!


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