Small steps in exercising goes a long way! Quarantine has brought about quite a change in everyone’s lifestyle. No more going out as often and staying at the home of the time. People with jobs work at home, students have online classes, and generally avoid going outside.


This drastic change has also affected the amount of physical activity we get. We move less, we leave the house less, and most of the time we become couch potatoes. This decrease in being physically active has resulted in us being less healthy.


Small Steps (in Exercising) Goes a Long Way


Here are several things you can do at home to stay more active and ensure that you get the much-needed exercise your body has been needing:


Exercise While Waiting


At breakfast, while waiting for your coffee to brew or your eggs to boil, you can sneak it these light exercises that get your muscles moving.

Stretching: Before you do any other exercise, stretching is the key to more productive and safe activity. They lessen the chances of you getting injuries and get the blood flowing. Start from the arms, then the neck, and work your way down to the toes.


Side Lunges: Stand in an upright position, feet wide apart and toes pointing forward. Lunge (gradually) sidewards with your right foot while keeping the left leg straight. Slowly push yourself back in position and repeat for the other leg. Repeat 10-15 times.


Jung Swings: Find a jug of water, juice, milk, or any other liquid in your kitchen that has a firm lid, and you find comfortable working with. Stand in an upright position, bend your knees, weight in the heel, lower your butt back, and bring the jug between your legs.


Swing the jars forward (slowly) and contract the muscles you’re using while doing so. As the jars reach eye level, lower them back down. Repeat 10-15 times.


Multi-task the Muscles


Dishwashing Calf Tone: While washing the dishes and working out is a drag and doing both of them at the same times sound much worse, and this free time is perfect for sneaking in a few reps and keeping yourself active.


You can work on toning your calf while washing dishes by bringing them up to your butts in a slow, and clenched manner. Repeat for each leg 10-15 times for a minimum of 3 sets to a maximum of 5 games. Please don’t overdo it.


Vacuum/Sweeping Lunges: Turn your chores into something that isn’t a bore. Make sweeping and vacuuming more exciting by adding a little spice to it.


When vacuuming or sweeping, step into a full lunge. Right foot forward, left foot left behind, knees bent and muscles clenched. Repeat until you’re finished cleaning, and you’re bound to feel an improvement in your leg muscles and balance and coordination.


Moving Muscles in Meetings


Meetings are the perfect time for you to do some exercising. The fact that your co-workers or classmates can only see your face means you’re free to do anything with the rest of your body.


Knee Touches: Bring your right knee slowly to your chest while maintaining an upright position with your back straight and butt clenched. Repeat for each leg 10-15 times.


The Prayer: Sit straight with feet flat on the floor and bring your hands together in the prayer position in your chest. Try pushing your hands together as hard as you can for at least 30 – 60 seconds. Repeat 6-8 times.


Seating Exercises


While marathoning your favorite series or binge-watching YouTube videos, you can still do several of these exercises.


Freehand Squats: Push aside the sofa and make some room so you can do squats while staring at the television. Spread your legs wide apart with feet flat on the floor and back straight. Slowly bring your body lower while maintaining proper posture and bring it back up to the initial position. Repeat 10-15 times for at least 3 sets.


Toe Touches: Completely abandon the comforts of your sofa and instead watch television on the floor. Sit in an L position on the floor and keep your knees, and toes straight while trying to reach for it with your fingers.


Push your arms forward and slightly tap your toes if you can. Don’t worry if at first, you won’t be able to do it, gradual repetition of this exercise is guaranteed to help you become more flexible.


Small steps in exercising goes a long way to keeping you healthy & fit!

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