Dating has changed and here’s how to stay safe online and in-person! Meeting people and growing with them in a relationship is a dream that almost all of us have had at one point. Being with someone through thick and thin and eventually getting old with them is a love story worth telling your grandkids.


However, dating isn’t as simple as going out and meeting a random person in a public setting anymore. With the rise of the internet, people started becoming more active online than offline. Dating sites and social media sites made it easier to meet people too.


Although meeting people is more accessible, getting tricked and put in danger becomes a lot easier as well, The coronavirus also made it increasingly more difficult to date because of how easy it is to transmit the virus.


Dating has Changed and Here’s How to Stay Safe Online and In-Person


With all those in mind here a few tips to staying safe when meeting the (possible) love of your life!


Video Chatting Is Your Best Friend!


Whether you hop on a Zoom call, use Skype, hang out on Google Hangouts, or even chill on discord, video chatting will be your best option if you want to go on a “date” with someone without the risk of getting COVID. Some dating apps such as Bumble have a video chatting option, so there’s no excuse not to do it!


The reason why most users don’t go on a video call with one another is that they expect it to be awkward. However, we recommend that you go ahead and try to do it! Seeing each other and talking helps you get to know each other a lot better than just typing away through chat.


We recommend you to find an excellent place to call from, make sure the lighting is good, and make sure to also be far away from the space that you work in. Every detail that can make you look more flattering and feel more comfortable will make your date a lot smoother and a lot more natural.


Make sure you have things to talk about, but try to avoid talking about the pandemic right at the start; if possible, don’t even mention it! It makes your date start on a negative note, and it can dictate the rest of the period, starting from there.


Set Up A Few Boundaries


Boundaries exist to keep you and your partner comfortable. Being transparent with what you’re comfortable with and properly communicating with your partner is the first step to a healthy relationship. Try in-person dates to a minimum if possible because the risk is too high!


However, if you do want to meet up with the person you met on a dating app, make sure to take a few precautions beforehand. First of all, make sure you trust the person and have gone on a few online dates with them in the past (this is just common sense).


Secondly, make sure that they’re feeling well and haven’t felt any flu-like symptoms for the past 14 days. And lastly, make sure you both wear a mask, bring alcohol, and exercise social distancing to make sure that you’re both safe!


Try out other forms of dates as well and not just ones where you dine in somewhere. Try going on a walk at the park or even go biking together!


Be Honest And Straightforward


Suppose you’ve been talking to the person for a while now. And have been on multiple virtual dates and have something on our mind, say it. Being honest and direct, especially during a time like this is something that you should do.


If you’re uncertain if you’re going to click once you meet in real life, say it. The best way to ease your anxiety and gain a tad bit more trust is by being as honest and straightforward as you can be.


Give Yourself Time


You don’t have to force yourself to go out there and go on dates. If dating doesn’t fit in your life as of right now, then don’t! There’s a lot of time ahead of you, and you should go at your own pace. Focus on getting yourself ready and be productive in different areas while doing so.


We’re in a crisis; dating can wait.


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