Love trees? Here are our Autumn Tree Care Tips. Anyone who plants trees would always aim to have a beautiful, blooming and healthy tree in their backyards. The key to achieving this is making sure that you care for your tree all year round. With the proper maintenance and proper care, your trees will indeed look their best.


Different seasons call for extra care. For today, we will be discussing how to take good care of your trees during Autumn.


1. Pruning


Pruning is the act of trimming you to cut away dead or overgrown branches or stems. This technique will allow your tree to increase its fruitfulness and growth.


Pruning in Autumn is highly recommended because it is sandwiched between summer and winter – meaning the heat of the summer is over, and it is before cold conditions hover around. Pruning in Autumn can help the tree recover and rejuvenate more quickly.


This is particularly true to fruit trees. If you prune them in Autumn, then expect more fruit when spring comes. If you go for DIY pruning, make sure that you did your research well and you can carry it out smoothly. Remember that pruning is not simply hacking away branches. If done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good.


With proper pruning techniques, your tree will be healthier, stronger and more fruitful. Not to mention, it will look more beautiful too!


2. Remove Dead Trees and Deadwood


Prevent accidents from happening and check if your trees are sick or dying. It is recommended that you seek help from a professional arborist so they can assess the condition of your tree/s.


In as much as you don’t want to give it up, keep in mind that this can pose threats, especially when a typhoon will happen. The strong winds can uproot your tree, or the falling trees or branches can cause someone’s death.


Autumn will be a perfect time to take care of this situation. The professional arborist can advise whether you will need pruning or if the tree needs to be eradicated.


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3. Watering


Since Autumn comes directly after the summer season, it is a perfect time to give your tree a good drink. Since temperatures during summer are usually high, there’s a big chance that water evaporates even before the tree absorbs it. So, quench the thirst of your tree and do proper watering.


You might think giving them more water is good, but overwatering can drown them too. By the rule of thumb, you can water your trees early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


4. Check Soil Nutrients


Autumn is a perfect time to check whether your trees are getting enough nutrient levels. You can buy a test kit in a hardware store and use it to limit the number of nutrients your tree is calling.


Once you see the results, then use it as your guide in giving your trees the nutrients that they need. Giving them the right amount of nutrients will continually make them healthy.


5. Mulching


Your soil can also benefit mulching during this season. Mulching is a process of applying some material to the garden soil to retain soil moisture, keep the temperature of the soil cooler, suppress weed growth, repel pests and for aesthetic purposes.


Different materials can be used for mulching, and it will depend on what is your purpose. Some mulching materials include shredded leaves or barks, wood chips, sawdust, coconut husk, wool, animal manure, etc.


Just think of mulching as giving a good dose of health tonic to your trees. We’re sure your trees would love it!


Making sure our trees are aesthetically pleasing and healthy involves a certain amount of time and effort. You can do some procedures while professionals best do some methods.


Tree maintenance work can be highly dangerous, so always take extra precaution when getting some job done. You might not have the right materials to use, or there can be a misstep in some procedures. In instances like this, call a professional arborist for help.


Remember, you are taking care of your trees to keep them alive. One wrong step, and it can be the other way around. Seek help when the need arises.

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