Are you looking for a new place to eat? Here are our 7 new Brooklyn restaurants to add in your list if you’re looking for places to eat near you!


You might be searching for places to eat in Manhattan, but Brooklyn has earned its right to be a dining destination as well. So, why don’t you take a detour and check out Brooklyn’s latest offerings for NYC’s dining aficionados?


7 New Brooklyn Restaurants to Add in Your List


We have compiled seven new Brooklyn restaurants to add to your list. But you can always search Local NYC for more on What to Eat in Brooklyn.


Edith’s Brooklyn


Elyssa Heller’s bagels have made its way to Brooklyn. Enjoy Edith’s hand-twisted bagels without the long lines!


These hand-twisted bagels are made from the wood-fired oven at Paulie Gee’s, where this pop-up bagel shop is currently operating.


There is no short supply of bagels in Brooklyn, but Edith’s is definitely a welcome addition. Stop by and get their Chicago bagel – a slab of everything-seasoned though that has been rolled generously in red pepper flakes.


Location: 60 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11222




For first-time restaurateurs, Ria and Kevol Graham are indeed successful in their venture that is Kokomo. Located in the always-buzzing of Williamsburg, this restaurant has attracted patrons with their pan-Caribbean staples tossed on doughy flatbreads – a perfect combination for a relaxed meal.


To add to that ambiance, having dinner at this restaurant also lets you enjoy live music with a crowd – a nightly celebration that gives you a taste of what used to be normal in the era of the new normal.


What are these restaurant’s must-try? Well, we’d say you should try their braised oxtail and ackee pan-Caribbean staple and their saucy jerk chicken, or it’s the vegan counterpart, the whole roasted jerk cauliflower.


Location: 65 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11249


Cozy Royale


The duo behind Williamsburg’s popular butcher shop, the Meat Hook, has opened a full-service restaurant in Brooklyn. Ben Turley and Brent Young took a step in a different direction due to the coronavirus.


They originally imagined their restaurant to be a laid-back neighborhood hangout, but since this pandemic has prohibited this from happening, they turned to a new menu that appeases Appalachian cooking.


On their menu are dishes that are lesser seen in the region like pepperoni rolls, fried pork, and their bestseller, pickled bologna appetizer.

Drop by Cozy Royale and enjoy their sumptuous dishes!


Location: 434 Humboldt St., Brooklyn, New York 11211




Lo and behold! A new Thai restaurant is now open on Starr street. Tong’s specialties include Kub klaem, which comes in small, shareable plates that are best for a happy hour accompaniment or an afternoon snack.


Tong brings Thailand to New York, and their menu is very telling as they have it is representative of regional Thai dishes.

Chefs Sunisa Nitmaj and Chetkangwan Thipruetree are the hands behind the restaurant. If you’re looking for something more than an afternoon snack, then you should try their beef liver sausage and chili-roasted octopus.


High Low Beverage Company


Vietnam is known for its coffee, and now, High Low Beverage Company is bringing it to Brooklyn. Two Stumptown coffee powerhouses have come together to open High Low Beverage Company in Bushwick.


The combination of their Vietnamese-style pastries and coffee and natural wine and craft beer makes this your new go-to place. And guess who is heading the bakery program? NO other than Matthew Tilden of Bed-Stuy!


Enjoy miso scallion scones, pandan and lime baked donut with sour cherry lime leaf jam, a muffin baked in banana leaves. And of course, pair it with sua da, a Vietnamese-style iced coffee made of Sey Coffee cold brew concentrate and coconut-sweetened condensed milk.


The Food Sermon Kitchen


Six weeks before the pandemic, Rawlston Williams relocated to Brooklyn Navy Yard. Williams is the chef behind the popular jerk chicken and oxtail in Crown Heights.

The Food Sermon Kitchen reopened last August and now offers a takeout friendly version of the restaurant. Order their jerk chicken and whole lamb shank to complete your Food Sermon Kitchen experience!




Guevara is a new Cuban vegan sandwich and coffee shop that takes pride in its offerings. The best thing about Guevara’s is that you get all these delicious treats at very affordable prices. You can enjoy a morning special of two empanadas and an iced coffee for only $6! A full meal of a torta milanesa and crispy fried eggplant only costs $10!


Try out these new restaurants and order their best offerings. And while doing so, don’t forget to follow the safety protocols in place. Have a sumptuous and safe dining experience!

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