Have you ever thought of starting your Podcast? Well, now is an excellent time to create one because the Podcast market is not saturated yet. This means you still have less competition and more untapped audiences. These Podcast ideas will help you find inspiration now!


However, starting a Podcast still involves strategic planning. You don’t just start recording, putting it out there and expect it to grow by itself. The first step to creating a Podcast is to choose the topic you will talk about.


A podcast is specific to particular audiences, and you have to find that particular but narrow enough topic so you can create your niche in the Podcasting world.


Podcast Ideas


How to choose your Podcast topic? Continue reading this article.


1. Think About Your Goal


First, you have to decide on what your goal is for your Podcast. Do you see it as a platform to express your creativity, or do you want it to be a platform to support a cause, or are you using a Podcast for your business? Whatever your goal may be, stick to it and be motivated by it.


2. Know What Topic You Interests


Once you have identified your goal, then it’s time to pinpoint what topics interest you. This is important because you’ll have to be knowledgeable about your Podcast.

Think of being like an influencer on Instagram. Some influencers are successful because they gained a following from people who have the same interests as them. The same goes for podcasts. Your audiences are targeted based on a specific criterion.


So, if you wish to keep your audiences engaged, you should at least be an authority or have some know-how about what you are discussing or sharing in your Podcast.


3. Know Your Audience


Once you have identified your goal, you’ll then have to consider your target audience. Know more about your target audience by researching their preferences and concerns. From there, you can determine how many episodes you will need, how often you will broadcast it, and how long each episode will be.


4. Consider Your Target Revenue


If your goal is to monetize your Podcast, then you also have to consider your target revenue. This will affect your chosen topic as some niches are not profitable compared to others.


You also have to remember that the monetization of your Podcast will take time. It requires focused effort, hard work, and loads of patience before you can start getting money from it.


5. Think About what User Problem Your Podcast Will Solve


Now that you probably have an idea about the topic you want to discuss in your Podcast, you can now narrow down on what specific user problem you wish to address.


This mainly answers the question, “What’s in it for your audience?” In marketing, you have to think about the needs of your audience that you want to satisfy. This is what will draw them to your Podcast because you are giving them an answer to their needs or wants.


6. Select a Format for Your Podcast


You now have to decide what format you will use – will it be a solo podcast? Will you have a co-host? Are you planning to have some interviews and you will be the facilitator?


Once you have answered these questions, then you’ve probably decided what your desired format will be. From there, you can start working on the necessary preparations.


7. Check Your Competitors


You have decided on your niche. Now you have to check whether others have chosen the same place as well. It’s time to do a competitor’s check.


First, you can create a competitor’s list. You can listen to their broadcast and observe what they are doing and not doing. What are they missing? What is something different that you can offer your audience?


Doing this market research will be very helpful for you to finalize the topic you will work on. This will also help you avoid niches that already have much competition.

Selecting an idea for your Podcast is a balance of these elements. Yes, it is relatively easier to start a podcast compared to other platforms, but it still entails careful planning and a whole lot of interest, inspiration, and passion!


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