Home exercise, the best way to stay healthy when you can’t get to a gym! With the recent onset of COViD and people being asked to stay at home for safety, the home workout is one of the best alternatives to keeping yourself healthy.


There has been an increase in demand for home workout aides such as yoga mats, jumping ropes, weights, and so much more. With gyms currently closed or in a limited capacity, each of us must make sure we still do some exercise to boost our immune system as it is another essential shield against the disease.


But even before the pandemic, some people prefer to do home workouts than going to the gym. It has benefits that most of us are currently experiencing now.


Home Exercise – Benefits and Why You Need It


Are you looking for a great workout guide? If you want to learn the benefits of working out at home, keep reading!


1. You’ll Feel More Comfortable in Your Own Space


Having many eyes in the gym can make you feel, and it can affect your performance. However, when you are doing your home workout, you will feel more comfortable and familiar with space. Plus, you won’t have to compete with other people in the use of space or be conscious of getting other peoples’ freedom.


However, do not let this comfort make you overly comfortable as you might end up not exercising at all.


2. No Need to Commute


Save up time because, with home workouts, there’s no need to commute. Free yourself up from the stress of commuting and traffic and dedicate your time to your training instead.


Some gyms are located in bustling areas, which means more traffic. Also, if you have a car, parking space might be a problem, too.

With home workouts, you save time, effort, and stress.


3. Choose Your Schedule


It’s easier to fit your workout into your schedule. It would be good to have a consistent time, but flexibility is one of the critical benefits of a home workout.


Imagine if you have to do overtime work + commute to the gym, there might be days when you’d decide not to go. This affects your consistency.

But with home workouts, you dedicate a specific time of your day and go along with it.


4. Much Cleaner


For as long as you have your disinfection or cleaning measures, home workouts are cleaner than working out in the gym.

With people sweating in all directions and with the number of people using the equipment every day, there is a higher likelihood that you will catch some strange germs in the gym.


Home workouts are cleaner and safer, especially during this period.


5. You Can Take Your Time


You are lucky if there are only a few people in the gym when you work out. But if it’s peak time, you will be competing or sharing equipment with many other members. This only means two things – either you have to wait for your turn or hurry up when using gym equipment.


With home workouts, you don’t have to worry about these things. You are the master of your time. Take time to complete your routine and take some rest in between. No need to share and no need to hurry!


6. You Might Have Better Results


Gym equipment might be limited to improving one muscle group, and there might be limited options for you to try out other exercises. Or if you do have more programs, the higher the cost will be.


With home workouts, you can choose the exercise that will fit you better. Just do some research, follow instructions well, and proceed with caution. If you can choose an activity that you’re more interested in, you might see better results.


7. You are your Only Competition


If you are in the gym, it is inevitable to compare your progress to others. You might feel pressure because some gym-goers already have a toned body, or there is already visible progress. We can’t help but compare. And most of the time, it can be demotivating.


Home Exercise


With home workouts, your only competition is yourself. You have to be better than who you were yesterday, and your progress is yours to keep track of. Focus on your journey, so you can better concentrate on your goal. Home exercise, the best way to stay healthy when you can’t get to a gym! Work out at home to stay strong & healthy here in New York City!


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