Are you looking for a guide on how to plant rooftop trees in NYC? In New York City, finding a place to call home that has access to the outdoors is rare. And because of this sense of rarity, people consider it prized, especially if the access you have is in the form of a rooftop terrace!


Not only do you get a beautiful view of the busy streets of New York, but you also get to indulge in one of the wonders that not many people have. That wonder is planting a real tree. The improvement to the overall aesthetic and the numerous benefits of growing a rooftop tree creates a realm of excitement.


However, a backyard and rooftop are two different settings when you talk about planting trees.


How to Plant Rooftop Trees in NYC


So are you ready to get started? If so let us help you by showing you how to plant a rooftop tree in NYC!




Before you decide to plant a tree, there are numerous things that you have to consider first. First and foremost, you have to ask the building management and co-op board if planting a tree in the rooftop is allowed in the first place. Knowing the rules and regulations will make you steer clear of any angry staff barging into your door.


Knowing whether you have a hose and outdoor watering supply or if you have to haul water to the trees every day is also crucial to think about during preparation. Knowing the type of tree and how large it can grow will also play a part in how much space it will take up!


Lastly, make sure to consider whether the site in which you’re going to plant the tree is suitable for growing plants. How much sunlight does it get, is it usually windy, etc.


Difference Between Backyard Trees & Roof Trees


The crucial difference between taking care of a tree in your backyard and on the rooftop is that rooftop trees are in containers. This means that they have to be watered a lot more frequently than backyard trees that can absorb moisture from the soil, especially during dry spells.


Rooftop trees, in general, have to be taken good care of so that they can grow to flourish and become hardy. Backyard trees allow for more leeway and idle time for the people taking care of them while rooftop trees have to be taken well care of so that they don’t perish!


Benefits of Having a Rooftop Tree


Usually, the appeal of having a tree in your backyard or on the ground is the shade that it provides and the added visual aesthetic. However, for a city dweller with a rooftop tree, the simple presence of having nature nearby has a lot of benefits.


Having contact with nature in the concrete jungle can be limited, but having a tree nearby that you can see, interact with, and take care of can help a lot with uplifting your mood.


Things You Want To AVOID When Growing Rooftop Trees


The most common thing to avoid when growing a rooftop tree is planting one in a planter without wheels or investing in removable deck panels. We’ve seen this scenario far too often. You nurture the tree for years, and they grow significantly large, and then the building has to replace or repair the roof and cut it down.


Avoid this by getting a planter with wheels or removable deck panels so that the tree can still be moved when the roof needs maintenance.


Avoid overestimating temperatures that your tree can handle as well. Cold spells can be especially deadly to your tree, regardless of whether the species is rated to the temperature zone or not. As you’re using a container to grow your tree, it has way less protection from extreme wind and cold than if it was planted on the ground!


However, sometimes losing a tree can be a lesson. Don’t fixate on a loss and give up immediately. Gardening is supposed to be a hobby of trial and error! You have to keep in mind that losing a tree isn’t so bad, and it just opens up space for you to plant another one as a replacement. So press on and make excellent use of the space given to you!


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