Going on a trip to Staten Island is a right of passage for New Yorkers who want to fully explore what the city has to offer. With breathtaking scenery, outstanding food, and rich history—let’s go on a trip to one of five of New York City’s boroughs!

Taking The Staten Island Ferry!

The quick 30-minute trip to Staten Island wouldn’t be complete without hopping onto its ferry and enjoying the sights on the way. The ferry runs for free 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you don’t have to worry about paying a premium to enjoy Staten Island to its fullest! Realistically, all you need to enjoy your trip to Staten Island is a clear plan and a little bit of determination.

The magnificent view of New York is more than enough of a reason to hop on this ferry today and take a quick breather.

Exploring St. George Staten Island—An Ideal Day For Your Visit

If you don’t already have a rough plan of how your day is going to go during your visit to St. George Staten Island, here’s what an ideal day would look like for your visit!

A Quick Breakfast at Pier 76

Having a quick and light meal to start your day at Staten Island will let you explore a lot more places without having to pace yourself because of a full stomach. Pier 76 is a humble pizza parlor with an amazing patio and an even better interior. Their thin-crust pizza and Italian-American hybrid dishes are divine and will leave you craving for more!

If you’re planning on day drinking, they have an assortment of craft beers that you can enjoy along with your mouthwatering slice of pizza.

Load Up On Caffeine At Au Bon Pain

If you’re like me and can’t function throughout the day without caffeine, Au Bon Pain is a great place to go to enjoy a quick cup of joe. Their coffee pairs perfectly with their homemade cookies, and their service is immaculate!

If you feel like exploring St. George more and crossing the gorgeous residential area before your morning coffee, there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts around St. George Park.

Walk Around & Explore The Empire Outlet Mall

The Empire Outlet Mall is one of the top spots to go to when exploring St. George Staten Island. The modern design and integration of the outdoors make it an awesome and comfortable place to go to if you also want to do a little shopping before going back home.

Take a Stroll On The North Shore Waterfront

Enjoy the cool breeze and watch the Staten Island Ferry come and go near the North Shore Waterfront. If you want to take a few photos for Instagram, this waterfront is the perfect place to go!

Relaxing at St. George Park & Dining at Ruddy & Dean

Have a little peace in this little piece of nature in the middle of St. George Staten Island. Going to St. George Park is mandatory if you want to complete your trip to Staten Island. Once you’re done enjoying the sights of St. George Park, you can then enjoy incredible food at Ruddy & Dean.

Whether you want a savory dry-aged steak or just a light meal, Ruddy & Dean has arguably the best food you can get during your visit to St. George Staten Island!

Enjoying Your Stay

Going to Staten Island isn’t about enjoying extravagant restaurants and famous landmarks. Visiting this borough in New York City is for those who want to relax and forget that they’re living in a bustling city where everyone is active!

If you simply want to relax and roam around a peaceful and surprisingly uncrowded part of New York, exploring St. George, Staten Island is the right choice.

Author: Carol