Nothing is more awe-inspiring than seeing the view of the Manhattan skyline for the first time. Even the most stoic of people can’t help but stop and admire its beauty, even if you’ve seen it before in movies.

However, there’s more to New York than just the Manhattan skyline and their groundbreaking pizza. Here are five fun facts about New York that will pique your interest!

New York Wasn’t Always New York!

For those who aren’t history buffs, New York was not originally named New York! When Dutch settlers arrived in the area around 1624, the name of the city was New Amsterdam.

Following the English invasion in 1664, New Amsterdam was renamed New York in honor of the Duke of York.

New York Was The Catalyst For LGBTQ+ Rights In The USA

In 1969, a bar named the Stonewall Inn used to be a haven for people in the LGBT community. When the police raided the bar, instead of submitting and letting the police get what they wanted, they fought back and became a catalyst for a worldwide movement. This event is what gave New York the title of one of the friendliest queer cities up until the present!

Bonus fact—New York has the highest number of people who identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ than any other city in America.

New York Is The Birthplace Of America’s First Pizzeria!

New York-style pizza is a hit in all corners of the world. A giant slice packed full of sauce, cheese, and pure greasy flavor—what’s not to love about this amazing dish?

But did you know that the first pizzeria to ever open in the US was in New York City? If you want to buy a slice of history, visit Lombardi’s Pizza on 32 Spring Street!

New York Outlawed Honking Your Horn

If you’ve seen an American film where the protagonist has to ride a cab in traffic, you probably think this fact is made up. However, unless it is due to an emergency, drivers aren’t allowed to make any excessive noise. Unless you want to shoulder a hefty fine of up to $350, you may want to keep your honking to a minimum.

The Statue of Liberty Was A Gift!

The iconic symbol of freedom and the American dream started in the early days of her life in Paris! French Sculptors Bartholdi and Eiffel made Lady Liberty to celebrate the friendship between the US and France!

New York City is rich with history and fun trivia that you can uncover. Which fact piqued your interest? Don’t be afraid to tell us below!

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Author: Carol