Pilates is one of the best exercises for core strength, whether you’re starting or looking to get back in shape. It helps train the body as a whole, fixing flexibility and posture.

For this video, we’ll look at 5 Pilates Studios in the Big Apple that can help with your fitness journey.

1. New York Pilates

With a simple name like this, it’s almost guaranteed to be one of the places to consider. New York Pilates is one of the most reliable studios in the city.

Not only are they easily accessible thanks to their four branches in the city, but they also have three signature classes, namely the ABS, ARMS, and ASS.

2. [solidcore]

Speaking of branches, the solid core has the most on this list, with 10 all over New York. Their focus is on high-intensity, low-impact full-body workouts for their sessions.

In just a 50-minute session, you’ll be able to work out every part of your body. Classes are on a membership basis, so you can choose packages fit for you and your schedule.

3. Avea Pilates

Avea Pilates is one of the more unique studios in New York. Their classes allow beginners to work toward a fit and healthy body. Avea Pilates incorporates both classical and contemporary Pilates in their sessions.

4. Feel Good Pilates

Feel Good Pilates has a unique set-up among the studios on this list. They already have established instructors but offer spaces for instructors looking to host client sessions.

They also have classes that are made specifically for people with back, shoulder, and neck pains.

5. Body Evolutions

Last but not least is Body Evolutions. If there was one word to describe this studio, it would be “Zen .”Their studio’s aesthetic screams peace and serenity and if you’re the type of person that the atmosphere helps in their workout, then this is the studio for you.

What about you? Which of these Pilates Studios do you prefer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section – we’d love to hear them!

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Author: Carol