1. The Last of Us

Screen adaptations of video games have been a trend over the past few years. With the Witcher seeing a lot of success and talks of a God of War adaptation in the works, it’s only right that we’re all excited for the adaptation of probably one of the best games ever made.

Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, The Last of Us finally come to life after years of fan-casting and speculation. Plus, who doesn’t like zombies?

2. Mayfair Witches

Anne Rice finally got the recognition she deserved after the success of Interview with the Vampire in 1994. An adaptation of the same series starring Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid was received well by fans, and they hope the same quality is to be expected with Mayfair Witches.

3. Poker Face

Rian Johnson is on a roll! With the success of two Knives Out movies and him cementing himself as a staple director for films like these, Poker Face looks like another banger.

The series revolves around Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale, a person who can tell whether someone is lying.

4. The Idol

We can’t think of a time Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a The Weeknd, went into a project, and it wasn’t a banger. The Idol, with a surprisingly good cast created by the Canadian singer alongside Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, might be a great show.

The Idol tackles the story of a self-proclaimed self-help guru who also happens to be a modern-day cult leader and a rising pop idol. The Weeknd himself will be playing the main character, with Lily-Rose Depp being the rising pop idol.

5. Ahsoka

With the success of several Star Wars live-action shows as of late, fans can’t help but hope this next installment matches their expectations, especially since Ahsoka Tano is one of the most beloved characters in the entire Star Wars franchise.

Rosario Dawson, who the fans have long pegged as the perfect Ahsoka Tano, will reprise her role in the show.

6. Gen V

Last but not least on this list is a spin-off from one of the most successful deconstructed superhero takes to have hit our TV screens. Gen V is a spin-off of the TV Show The Boys centered on Godolkin University, which happens to be the only college for young adult superheroes.

It’s fresh, it’s fun, but it still looks to keep the formula that made The Boys a hit. Definitely a must-watch.

What about you? What TV show are you excited to see this year? Is there anything else you’d like to add to the list? Comment down below and let us know.

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Author: Carol