Marvel’s phase 4 might have been one of—if not the most—successful film franchises in history, but we’re way past Thanos and the original gang.

After Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans hang up the cape, it just makes us wonder who’ll be next. For this video, we’re going to look at five characters who won’t make it past Marvel’s 5th phase.

1. Drax

Drax not making it past phase 5 is already guaranteed. He no longer has a purpose with Thanos out of the picture, his character has been deconstructed to the core, and Dave Bautista, his actor, recently talked about how he sees himself taking up more serious and dramatic roles after Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

2. The Winter Soldier

Bucky Barnes has become one of the most developed characters in the MCU, and when there’s no room left for growth, it’s almost always the end.

From a H.Y.D.R.A super-soldier to fighting alongside Captain America and the rest of the Avengers, he’s done his part.

3. Hulk

The first MCU film was The Hulk in 2008. Hulk is an example of the limits of how far you can take a character, and it’s why we believe he’ll be saying his goodbyes.

From a serious, borderline scary character to a giant goofball who the fans have come to love, he’s gone through everything. With the direction of phase 5, it’s also unlikely that we see a World War Hulk timeline too.

4. Nick Fury

Nick Fury has died one too many times, and we say it’s finally time for him to die. After making an appearance in 11 MCU movies, and several tv episodes, we’ve seen him take a step back over the past few years. For real, this time.

However, with Secret Invasion coming to our TV screens, this show is looking to be the perfect time to retire the character. Seeing how Fury is as a character, it would only be right to have him die a badass death instead of throwing him off to retirement.

5. Loki

Speaking of a character who’s died one too many times, Loki is an even better example. Although the version we all fell in love with died at the hands of Thanos, Loki as a character may be seeing an end with the Kang the Conqueror saga.

Although Tom Hiddleston, who plays the God of Mischief, loves the role and says he wants to continue playing it as long as he can, fans can’t help but think this just might be it.

What do you think? Which of these predictions might come true? Is there anyone else who won’t make it to the next phase? Let us know by commenting down below.

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Author: Carol