Reading books has always been a great way to spend your time. Not only are you keeping yourself entertained, but you’re also learning while keeping your mind sharp and honing your reading skills.

Even with the onset of technology, that hasn’t changed in 2023. For this video, we’ll be listing down five books you should be reading in 2023.

1. Age of Vice

As the first book on this list, Age of Vice is definitely epic in its own sense. It tackles the story of a character from different perspectives, juggling themes of loss, pleasure, love, and death, all while keeping you on edge of where life will take the character next.

Deepti Kapoor’s book is definitely a must-read.

2. Spare

Whether you’ve been following the royal family or have no idea what goes on with them, Prince Harry’s memoir is one to read.

It’s an interesting book that details his life in a personal and intimate level, and of course, that means it’s bound to include stories regarding his mother, Princess Diana’s death, his relationship with Meghan Markle, and even why he eventually chose to leave the royal family behind.

3. The People Who Report More Stress

As the third book on this list, The People Who Report More Stress is a unique book with plenty of short stories and a variety of tales to tell.

Alejandro Varela’s follow up to The Town of Babylon exposes readers to plenty of insights, experiences, and eye-opening situations with topics such as parenthood, racism, and the modern queer life.

4. The Survivalist

Covering the story of a lawyer who finds herself with a group of people who believe the world is nearing its end, The Survivalist and its humor, tension, and fantastic storytelling is a fun read.

The book tackles coffee, death, success, fear, and more death as the book tells Aretha’s story.

5. Love, Pamela

As another memoir in this list, Pamela Anderson’s “Love, Pamela” is both similar and very different to Prince Harry’s book. In this book, she details what it feels like to be in her shoes as she rises to fame.

Alongside that, she also discusses the multitude of trials and tribulations she faced along the way and how she still managed to find herself amidst all the chaos in her life.

What do you think of these titles? Which of them are you going to read soon? Feel free to let us know by commenting down below.

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Author: Carol