Change starts with someone challenging norms and making the seemingly impossible— possible. Martha Stewart makes history as she stars on Sports Illustrated’s cover page in a swimsuit, shattering glass ceilings while slaying good looks simultaneously!
Let’s look into the gravity of what Martha Stewart has done with this step and what it could change in the future.

Who is Martha Stewart?

If you don’t already know about the queen of domestic arts, Martha Stewart is an all-encompassing personality who is incredibly hard to miss. Not only is she an American retail businesswoman with a chokehold on the industry, but she’s also a writer and TV personality!
The founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which focuses on home and hospitality, has shocked the world and prospered in multiple male-dominated fields for decades.

The Oldest Model to Grace the Coveted Cover

For those who don’t know the significance of the Sports Illustrated cover, this probably doesn’t seem like a huge thing. But for those who do, we all know that this is a huge deal!
Sports Illustrated specializes in prov iding sports news, expert analysis, and many other sports and fitness-related activities. Being on the cover is so crucial because most of the time, the cover showcases women with “perfect” physiques and men with toned abs. While Martha Stewart is by no means unattractive or unfit, what’s truly important is the narrative that this magazine is trying to forward.

They’re signaling to the people that women of all ages and sizes are gorgeous and that women don’t have to subsume the “hourglass body” standards the patriarchy is trying to forward them. Whether this is a publicity stunt or not, it’s still undeniable that this has the potential to shift narratives in the status quo and allow women of all ages and body types to find their confidence, representation, and empowerment.

How Did She Do It?

She has an amazing diet, and keeps up with a routine centered around keeping herself healthy. No secret pill to get her into amazing shape, no weight loss routine that anyone can follow, and most importantly— no lies and shams that most people would push forward to endorse their products

Albeit is incredibly challenging, according to Martha Stewart herself, “… I think I met the challenge.”

Whether this is the start of a new career or just another step to inspire more women on the ground— what’s certain is that Martha definitely served looks and deserves every hint of praise she’s currently receiving!


Author: Carol