Everyone is HYPED about the new Transformers: Rise of the Beasts movie— and rightfully so! A new glimpse into the lore of Transformers, new cybernetic faces, and even a new huge antagonist (more on that later).

Trailers have been out for weeks now, but there are still a ton of Easter eggs and details that many fans may have missed. Get your magnifying glasses and tinfoil hats because we’re about to break down the trailer piece by piece and show you everything you missed in the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts trailer!

Our First Look On The Maximals!

The trailer starts with Optimus Primal swinging from tree to tree in a forest in Peru, scouting the place with Air Razor soaring alongside him. While Primal and Air Razor grace the skies, Rhinox and Cheetor are treading on the ground.

Before anything, the design on the Maximals looks absolutely stunning. The steampunk theme and incorporation of real feathers and fur tie everything together, making them unique compared to the Transformers we’re usually used to seeing in cinemas.

A Huge Reveal On The Main Antagonist of the Trilogy

With the first installment of the prospective trilogy, we get to see the biggest and most powerful villain in the franchise. We’ve been waiting to see him on the big screen for decades, and he’s finally here. As darkness looms in the skies of New York, we’re introduced to Unicron.

If you don’t know who Unicron is, consider him the Galactus of the Transformers franchise. We’ve seen him teased in the previous movies before, but now we see him in all of his planet-sized glory! This planet-devouring multiversal threat makes Megatron look like a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things.

Pete Davidson As Mirage!

Teasing us with the Transformers logo on the dashboard before the actual reveal— we finally get a peek at Mirage! If you couldn’t already tell from the fairly recognizable voice and the chill tone, Pete Davidson is the one voicing yours truly.
We can’t wait to see what Pete has in store for us when the movie finally releases!

Optimus Prime (?)

We get a glimpse of the Optimus Prime that we all know and love from our childhood. The OG design with modern-day CGI looks spectacular, but this doesn’t seem like the human-loving Optimus Prime that we know from the previous movie.
Optimus Prime is furious that Mirage brought a human to their hideout and even manhandles Anthony Ramos’ character Noah. This is a great take on the character because, canonically, Optimus had to warm up to the humans before he eventually grew to love and protect them!
The hype is still at an all-time high, and we know that Steven Caple Jr. will deliver. Now that you know which moments caught our eye, what caught yours? Tell us in the comments below!


Author: Carol