Everyone should have the right to a vacation—even those tight on budget. For this video, we’ll be listing down 5 of the best and cheapest destinations in the world you should consider visiting. Starting off with:

1. Greece

Believe it or not, Greece is a pretty cheap d estination. After dealing with a debt crisis in 2007, Greece has slowly ramped up its tourism efforts. Unless you decide to visit expensive establishments, the majority of Greece is pocket-friendly.

Aside from historic sites and beautiful views, the food is also great. Enjoy authentic moussaka, taramasalata, and a wide range of grilled meat dishes and syrupy pastries at an affordable rate in Greece.

2. Thailand

Thailand is the number one destination for backpackers for a reason. Aside from the rich culture, accessible beaches, and great food, the people are also known to be extremely hospitable.

You can easily spend a week in Thailand without emptying your pockets.

3. The Philippines

Without needing a visa, this tropical paradise is one of the most frequented by tourists year-round. The Philippines is a cheap country to visit due to its relatively low cost of living, which translates to lower prices for accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment.

Additionally, the country has a number of budget-friendly options, such as inexpensive street food, affordable public transportation, and reasonably priced accommodations. Tourist destinations in the country, such as beaches and natural attractions, are also cheaper than other destinations.

4. Cuba

Located in Latin America, Cuba is a unique entry on this list. Not only is it cheap and affordable, with beautiful cityscape and amazing food, but it’s also perfect for backpacking. You can get to most places through hiking or affordable transportation; if you know where to look, accommodations are also cheap.

Cuba might be the place for you if you’re looking for a destination perfect for backpacking. Most of Cuba is perfect for people looking to spend their vacation walking around.

5. Prague

Europe has quite the reputation of being the most expensive continent to visit. While that may be true, Prague seems to be an exception. If you have a visa, the Czech Republic is easily one of the cheapest destinations in Europe.

From old, beautiful buildings to museums filled with paintings, relics, and other historical artifacts, and even the food bound to satisfy your stomach and taste buds, Prague has everything you’d want out of a trip to Europe.

What do you think of this list? Are there other destinations that are just as, or if not, cheaper? Comment down below and let us know.

Author: Carol