Some people, especially those entering relationships for the first time, have this misconception that love from both sides is enough to make a relationship work.

Others, although they understand that just love isn’t enough, may not understand the gravity of their commitment. This would often lead them to be surprised or, to some extent, even frustrated because their expectations aren’t met.

So how do you make your relationship work? There are many things to consider, but It all starts with communication.


Managing stress, recognizing what’s important, and discussing problems in the relationship all of these are problems you won’t be able to address without communication.

Relationships Are Two-way

Expectations, stress, problems, wants, and goals, all of these are two-way. One of the most important things you must realize, especially if you’re still trying to work out your relationship, is that for everything you like and dislike, your partner will also have likes and dislikes.

Along the relationship, you’ll begin to realize and learn that your likes and dislikes won’t be the same as your partners. The same can be said for wants, goals, milestones, and the direction where you might want to take your relationship.

Compromise vs. Sacrifice

Speaking of conflicting interests, the part where most relationships fall is when the people in it fail to recognize the difference between compromise and sacrifice, and which needs to be done and when.

Compromise is finding a middle ground. Looking for a way where the two of you can meet in the middle. It can be as simple as ordering two meals instead of sharing one because your partner can’t stand spicy food, or as complex as sleeping in separate beds because it works for you.

As for sacrifice, it’s something that you shouldn’t get used to in the relationship, but also something that you should always be open to doing if necessary. If your partner is currently struggling with finances, sacrificing the dates you’ll go on or the places you’ll head to is necessary.

Maintain Your Sense of Self

Last but definitely not least, this strategy is something people are often surprised to hear. However, what’s unsurprising is the number of people that end relationships over reasons like “I can’t see myself with you anymore” or “I can’t be myself in this relationship anymore.”

Maintaining your sense of self is important. It allows you to continue to exist as you and appreciate and value your life and what you want. Remember, entering a relationship does not mean you give up every aspect of your life. In fact, the ideal relationship should not involve anything.

Author: Carol