While there have been rumors and talks going on for quite a while, it’s only as of late that the split between singer-songwriter Ariana Grande and Real estate broker Dalton Gomez has felt like it’s finally over.

In this video, we’ll review everything we know about the split between Ari and Dalton.

Where It All Started

Ari met Dalton when she was looking for a house outside Los Angeles and was on an endless house hunt. Dalton, who was previously a dancer, stepped in as a Real Estate Agent and helped her with her property problems. Because they were in the same circle, they easily clicked and began dating each other.

But where did the ailing problems begin for the couple? Most people would say it started in January when Ari began filming for the film adaptation of Wicked in London, but people close to the two would probably say that it started even before the relationship began.

Friends of the two have noted that they’ve always been concerned by their whirlwind romance, and they felt that their relationship would ultimately be short-lived. While the two ended up spending several years together, these friends were proven right.

Why It Happened

Aside from the whirlwind romance described by the former couple’s friends, there have been plenty of speculated reasons for their breakup. One of which is a third-party being involved, but those rumors were shot down pretty quickly.

Another more substantiated rumor was that the two weren’t good at dealing with long-distance relationships as Ari got cast for Wicked, but that’s also unlikely. Ari’s Positions World Sessions tour was held from February 14, 2021 until August 31, 2021. The two got married on May 15 of the same year, so she was already spending a significant amount of time away from home, and issues should’ve started there.

People close to Dalton say he’s been very private about his relationship and hasn’t talked much about their split. Ari is also the same, opting to avoid questions if there are any raised at all.

With all of those uncertainties, there is one thing for sure. The two have realized that they just weren’t for each other, and there were some things they just couldn’t compromise or deal with for and by each other.

What’s Next

Although the couple have indeed broken up, the divorce was amicable, and they just came to the decision because they realized their marriage wasn’t working. A reliable source said that the two are working to remain friends with each other.

While that may seem impossible for many, plenty of celebrities have shown that it is indeed possible, like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, as well as Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.

Author: Carol