We’re now in a day and age where mental health has finally become a priority. But not only that, it has also become the norm to try and upkeep your mental well-being.

So, you want to start caring more about your mental health but don’t know exactly where you can begin? If you’re insured and maybe even have the financial capacity to afford therapy, then good for you.

But what if you can’t afford it? Well, here’s the next best thing. Not only is it cheap and can be done for free, but it’s also widely known to be effective.

Keeping and consistently writing your innermost thoughts can be one of the most therapeutic things you can do. Sure there are other ways for you to go through hard times, and it truly depends on what kind of person you are.

Some may lean towards spending time with others, exercising, hobbies, or even substance abuse from drugs and alcohol.

But those aren’t always going to be reliable. Even when it comes to therapy, it takes plenty of time and consistency to achieve the results you aimed for. And recalling things can get difficult at times.

Diary keeping is a permanent method that you can use to both improve and compare the changes you go through. But “how exactly do you benefit from it,” you ask? Well, here are a few reasons how:


Not everyone is entirely aware of what they do and how others can perceive it as. Writing down your experiences and reflecting on them can lead to a better understanding of yourself.
Being strapped down to external validation is something that you might wanna evaluate, but that’s not always the case. Reflecting on your diary can help you figure out if it’s you that needs changing or if it is your outlook.

Improving memory and metacognition

Writing down your thoughts has been proved to improve our memory and help archive them physically.

And in direct relation to that, improves your ability to analyze the way you think. In knowing and understanding yourself, you will see that you’ll have more confidence to do things you haven’t before.

It’s also a bonus that it technically does improve your writing skills. Something you need to remember regarding diaries is that it SHOULD be embarrassing to look back to. That’s how you know you’ve made a great change.

Long story short: having a diary is a way to accept and forgive your past. That’s all for this video. If you have anything to share, tell us all about it in the comments down below!

Author: Carol