While we may have had our reservations in the past, the first season of One Piece has given us high hopes for a live-action series in quite a while. In this video, we’ll be listing down everything we know so far about the second season of Netflix’s One Piece.

Plans For A Second Season

With an expanded source material, a second season wouldn’t be a problem for the writers and producers. However, with so many live-action adaptations of anime that have failed like the infamous Death Note starring Nat Wolff or, more recently, the disastrous Cowboy Bebop, there was doubt about how this series would do.
Despite how successful One Piece was, there was no approved plan for a second season, which would only be brought up after considerable success. Luckily for fans, the first season was more than a considerable success, topping Netflix charts all over the globe.

Cast Rules

While there was no concrete plans for a second season yet, before the crew even began to film, there were already sets of rules that seemed to prepare for the long haul.
Chemistry was valued a lot, and most notably, the crew were told that they were strictly forbidden from dating each other to prevent complications. Oda, the writer of One Piece, was said to have suggested that.

Renewal Status

As of now, there still isn’t news on the renewal. However, seeing the success of the live-action adaptation, it’s likely that news would hit in a couple of weeks or months at most.

What Season 2 Will Cover

With the first season dealing with the first four arcs in its 8-episode initial run, they’re expected to keep that pace if they decide to renew it for a second season.
The next arc, the Alabasta arc, will probably be the focal point of season two. We’re still unsure how many episodes the next season will be, so there’s no telling how much of the story it will cover. If they stick to the 8-episode, they may fit in more.

Release Date

Without a confirmation of the renewal, we can only estimate a timeline. It took the producers less than a year to finish 8 episodes. Principal photography began on January 31, 2022, and they finished on August 22, 2022. However, it would take them a few more months to release it.
This means that if they renewed the show within a few months, we’d probably have a second season by the end of 2024 or early 2025 at the latest. However, with the industry strike, there’s no guarantee when we’ll get a second season.

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Author: Carol