Worldcoin is revolutionizing how cryptocurrency is stored and secured, and we’re all for it! Worldcoin, a cryptocurrency project co-funded by Sam Altman, is broadening its reach and making its presence known worldwide!
If that name sounds familiar, the person co-funding a cryptocurrency project that’s hell-bent on revolutionizing crypto is the same guy who revolutionized AI. That’s right, and Sam Altman is OpenAI’s CEO and the creator of the morally gray and highly disputed AI chatbot— ChatGPT.
Enough of that. Let’s dive into Worldcoin and how it could be the next best investment in the market!

Why Is Worldcoin Taking The World By Storm?

With over 2.2 million users online and people subjecting themselves to gigantic lines worldwide, it’s natural for you to be curious why this cryptocurrency project is getting so much traction. Well, this traction isn’t for nothing because what makes Worldcoin unique is its iris-based identification system!
With its cutting-edge iris-scanning technology used for identity verification, Worldcoin incentivizes people to create an “identity and financial network.” The tool used to scan your biometrics looks as dystopian as it can be (staring into a creepy metal orb doesn’t feel right), but a lot of users are actually excited to be a part of something that can potentially revolutionize economies worldwide.

Safety Concerns Amidst Worldcoin

As futuristic and beneficial Worldcoin may be on paper, there are still a lot of floating safety concerns coming from individuals and even governments all around the world regarding the data collection method of the crypto project. From data watchdogs in Britain, France, and Germany keeping a close eye on the project to even countries like Kenya suspending the project entirely over safety concerns.
Beyond that, questions on whether or not one company should have the power to handle all of that data and whether or not users are being given informed consent before their data is collected are also being raised by regulators all around the globe! However, despite all of these talks about the project’s safety, Worldcoin’s website addresses that the information is “completely private” and that biometric data can either be deleted or encrypted based on the user’s choice.

Is this the advent of the world’s largest identity and financial network? Or is this the start of the biggest breaches in security and information to date?

One thing is for sure, though, Worldcoin is an interesting and unique take in a market that’s built on volatility. If you do decide to dip your toes into this project, just be sure to tread lightly.
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Author: Carol